Shhhhhh he can hear us

We had a little shindig to ring in the New Year. And, of course, that meant drunk people sleeping in our living room, which is uncomfortably close to our bedroom.

The Man isn’t really a prude, but he’s also – for all his big talk – not into voyeurism. So when he cuddled up to me in the bed in that way that says “no loving tonight”, and I felt that tell-tale rush of blood to certain extremities, I knew he was suppressing the urge to fuck me silly.

Español: Shunga por Katsushika Hokusai, 1821.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in this picture, but I think it’s perverse.

Being the dutiful woman I am, I pulled his shorts down, wiggled my butt against his hips and put his hand over my mouth. I supposed that turned him on well enough – my 20 minute man turned into a 5 minute man.

When you’re going to fuck with someone else in close proximity, even if it is your house, please be considerate of the other person. There’s nothing more awkward than hearing someone else get it on. That happened to a good friend of mine years and years ago. You think someone’s asleep and the next morning they’re saying, “So, um, could you keep it down next time?”


Sidenote: For some reason, Barack Obama is a suggested tag for this post. Does WordPress know something I don’t?


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