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Day 4 of 7 Days of Sex

Our love life has sadly dwindled since the baby came. I know, it’s so shocking. Read More…


Shhhhhh he can hear us

We had a little shindig to ring in the New Year. And, of course, that meant drunk people sleeping in our living room, which is uncomfortably close to our bedroom. Read More…

Dry spells, self-esteem and fat-phobia

There hasn’t been much sexy-time lately in the Average household. John has been sick and I’m getting there. I’m feeling less than attractive, between the coughing and the fevering and the still-fat-from-my-pregnancy-ing.

Why is it that being “fat” isn’t such an awful thing when you’re getting some on a regular basis, but it sucks fairly hard when you’re going through a dry spell? I may be committing a mortal sin by using that term, since “dry spell” is often used by the PUA community. A web search for “feeling unattractive during a dry spell” reveals post after post for PUAs looking to bang chicks under 30. I also came across a very random article about how Eva Green feels unattractive.¬† Read More…

{SeXy} The Nobbies

From time to time, when The Man and I don’t have the kids and can savor a few hours of unadulterated alone time, we go to sex stores. We go there, of course, because¬†there are never any fucking children in sex stores.

On one of our sex shop adventures, we found textured cock sleeves – or what we affectionately called “the nobbies.” We discussed their potential on and off for a few months. The Man was not too pleased with the idea of covering his manhood with a piece of bumpy silicone. I wasn’t entirely certain how it would feel on the interior. We all but wrote off the idea until our next sex shop excursion.

Read More…

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